EnviroMist Pty Ltd

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92 Barkala Street
The Gap QLD 4061

+61 7 3366 8558
+61 408 677 889

ABN  41140232355

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ENVIROMIST® provides industry leading micro-mist dust suppression solutions, and has won Australian Bulk Handling Awards in 2015 and 2016 for systems developed for a WA iron ore mine and a Queensland underground coal mine. The EnviroMist high-energy micro-mist system is based on new research in the application of dust control technology. The techniques used by EnviroMist focus on accurately identifying material properties and flow dynamics, so that a total solution that is effective across the application’s full operating range can be developed. EnviroMist’s use of simulation modelling allows efficient and accurate designs to be created, which results in systems producing high dust capture efficiencies without the need for huge water consumption. This results in the optimum solution for eliminating particulate matter of the sizes PM10 and PM2.5, both of which are hazardous to humans due to their ability to be drawn deep into the lungs.

Products and Services

Design, Manufacture, Installation
Analysis of dust material properties and flow
Simulation modelling for high dust capture
Low and High Pressure Dust Suppression
High Energy Atomising Spray Nozzles
Consulting and Site Visits