De Nora Permelec Ltd

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Head Office

2023-15, Endo
Fujisawa City Kanagawa Prefecture 252-0816
+81 466 878831

Other Locations

Tamano City Okayama Prefecture

Company Profile

The CECHLO 2/3 compartment cell Electrolyzer is derived from the well-established technology for Chlor-Alkali industry. The new, original, concept, the CECHLO 2/3 compartment cell Electrolyzer offers a cost effective and efficient answer to industrial process requiring innovative solutions in fast growing niche markets, such as acid and caustic recovery through salt splitting. De Nora Permelec Ltd is capable to develop and propose innovative process through the accumulated electrochemical expertise for challenges clients have been faced with. For prospective clients, lab unit and pilot unit rental are available for on-site testing. When it comes to any electrochemical process, De Nora Permelec Ltd has sufficient experience and expertise.

Products and Services

-Membrane Electrolyzer
-Non-Membrane Electroyzer
-Ozone Generator
-Innovative Process Development